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The use of limited recourse borrowing arrangements remains a popular strategy for the acquisition of both residential and commercial property within a SMSF.

In this upcoming webinar, we will be exploring a number of current and emerging issues to give you the latest intel of what’s happening with assets acquired under s.67A & 67B, including:

  • the use of intermediary LRBAs, and their impact on a member’s Total Super Balance (TSB)
  • What needs to be considered with the ATO safe harbours for related party loans in a rising interest rate environment (also where Div7A rules apply)
  • the impact of the recent findings by the Council of Financial Regulators (CFR) into the use of LRBAs by SMSFs
  • Structural considerations for when the loan has been repaid

The session uses a range of examples throughout the session to illustrate each of these topics further.

If you have questions throughout the course, you can email us at

This webinar was recorded on 16 February 2023